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Steel Strapping

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Regular Duty Steel Strapping

Regular Duty (RD) is the most abundantly used grade of steel strapping used for load stabilization, bundling and unitizing requirements. The high quality product offered by Gulf- Pacific is low carbon, black painted (including edges) for corrosion resistance, and is also waxed for maximum tension transmission around corners during tensioning. Pricing and specification of most commonly used sizes of Regular Duty steel strapping are listed and may be purchased ONLINE or for larger volume purchases (greater than 5000 lbs) please call for a quotation.

High Tensile-Heat Treated Steel Strappings

High Tensile steel strapping is for heavy duty applications where higher break strengths and higher strap elongation are required in order to maintain packaging integrity during shipping and handling. Gulf-Pacific’s High Tensile products are medium carbon and fully heat treated. All product is painted and waxed (including edges), waxed for high lubricity, and is AAR Printed for all applicable AAR sizes.

AAR refers to Association of American Railroads and its high standards of certification for steel strapping. Call for large volume purchases greater than 5000 lbs..

Small Coils (Portable Dispenser Packs - Regular Duty Only)

Small Coils are offered for convenience when usage is estimated to be small and the cost of purchasing a dispenser can be avoided.

Small Coils are more portable and lighter - and therefore are preferred in construction applications or any situation where it is not feasible to tote a wheeled dispenser.

Small Coils are an ideal way of sampling an prospective strap size for a new or different application.
Regular Duty Magazine Seal

Seals for Steel Strapping

Choosing the right type of Tool and Seal for your application and tooling.

Applications with flat surface geometries usually require the use of Feedwheel Tensioners and Open (Snap On ) Seals.

Packages that are irregularly shaped, arc shaped or require the tightened strap to make or maintain a bundle load usually require Pusher or Rack and Pinion tensioners. Closed (Push On) Seals are required with the use of Pusher Tensioners.

Very High Tension applications including Railroad Car Door Bracing require the use of Windless Tensioners. Heavy Duty Closed, Thread On and Open Flange seals are most commonly used when a Windlass Tensioner is used.

Types of seals used in steel strap application

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Open (Snap On) Seals


Closed (Push On) Seals


Heavy Duty Open and Closed Seals

Stainless Steel Banding Tool

Stainless Steel Banding Tools


Stainless Steel Closures (Portable Dispenser Packs)


Wing Seal

Stainless Steel Buckle

Stainless Steel Buckles

Stainless Steel Bracket

Stainless Steel Sign Brackets


Feedwheel Tensioners

Feedwheel tensioners or "rotary tensioners" combine a feedwheel and clutch plug to continuously pull tension on a band. Their continuous pull tension action allows for unlimited slack take up reducing waste material and eliminating the need to pre-cut strap. Feedwheel tensioners require the use of painted and waxed strap

Rack & Pinion Tensioner

The rack-and-pinion tensioner is used primarily for heavy, round, or irregular packages. Take up is limited to the length of the rack.

Feedwheel Push Tensioner


Windlass Tensioner

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