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Display Quality Shrink Films

Gulf Arizona and Gulf Pacific are Authorized Distributors of IPG Exlfilm and ExlfilmPLUS Shrink Films.


ExlfilmPlus films are crosslinked. This innovative technique makes ExlfilmPlus shrink films some of the toughest and most versatile on the market. IPG films have an inherently greater window of seal and shrink performance at a broader range of temperatures. This is because the polymer chains are permanently bound into a network, significantly increasing their heat stability and strength.

    GPL Exlfilmplus®

    GPL is IPG’s newest high performance crosslinked polyolefin shrink film. GPL is a thin gauge, high yield film offering customers superior machinability, clarity and cost savings. Offers minimal shrink force, making it the ideal choice for light weight, thin packages, light force applications for printers, bakeries, cosmetics and software. The high slip ensures easier material handling, collating and package insertion.

    GPS Exlfilmplus®

    GPS high performance crosslinked polyolefin shrink film is a multilayered film that is versatile enough to perform on all sealing systems and shrink tunnels. The premium resin formulation provides our strongest seals ever. Exlfilmplus® GPS offers high shrink force, making it the ideal choice for multipacking and unitizing product.


Exlfilm QSL and Exlfilm HSP are polyolefin shrink films engineered to make your packaging look its absolute best, while providing unmatched value, versatility and durability.

    Exlfilm® HSP

    HSP is a fast-sealing film that allows for short dwell times that maximize production and increase plant efficiency. Your product is protected from the rigors of high-speed packaging and shipping by consistently strong seals and exceptional tensile strength. The high slip ensures easier material handling, collating and package insertion. Great for computer software, DVDs, labels and more. HSP gets the job done fast and looks great too, with superior optics and shrinkage. Available in 45, 60, 75 and 100 gauge.

    Exlfilm® QSL

    QSL is a fast-sealing, ultra-fast shrinking production film. It has an exceptionally high percentage of shrinkage that ensures the film conforms to the package and provides “wrinklefree” aesthetics. It maximizes production speeds even under the most demanding applications such as calendars and vinyl products. QSL properties are non-corrosive.

Inquire about any of IPG’s Superior Shrinkfilm Products and how they may resolve your challenging application.

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