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Small Coils (Portable Dispenser Packs - Regular Duty Only)

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Image Small Coils are offered for convenience when usage is estimated to be small and the cost of purchasing a dispenser can be avoided.

Small Coils are more portable and lighter - and therefore are preferred in construction applications or any situation where it is not feasible to tote a wheeled dispenser.

Small Coils are an ideal way of sampling an prospective strap size for a new or different application.

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Item #


Avg. Breaking Strength

Coil Weight

item-1024 1/2" X .015 RD 930 lb 5.5 lb
item-1025 1/2" X .020 RD 1230 lb 7.2 lb
item-1026 5/8" X .020 RD 1537 lb 9.0 lb
item-1027 5/8" X .023 RD 1768 lb 10.3 lb
item-1028 3/4" X .020 RD 1845 lb 10.7 lb
item-1029 3/4" X .023 RD 2122 lb 12.2 lb
  Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 
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