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Seals for Steel Strapping

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Choosing the right type of Tool and Seal for your application and tooling.

Applications with flat surface geometries usually require the use of Feedwheel Tensioners and Open (Snap On ) Seals.

Packages that are irregularly shaped, arc shaped or require the tightened strap to make or maintain a bundle load usually require Pusher or Rack and Pinion tensioners. Closed (Push On) Seals are required with the use of Pusher Tensioners.

Very High Tension applications including Railroad Car Door Bracing require the use of Windless Tensioners. Heavy Duty Closed, Thread On and Open Flange seals are most commonly used when a Windlass Tensioner is used.

Types of seals used in steel strap application

Compare your current seal to the depictions below to order the correct seal.

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Item #

Seal Type

item-1030 Magazine Seal
item-1031 Magazine Seal
item-1032 Snap-On Seal
item-1033 Snap-On Seal
item-1034 Thread-On Seal
item-1035 Thread-On Seal
item-1036 Push On Seal
item-1037 Push On Seal
item-1038 Intersection Seal
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1 
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